shadow (angry_user) wrote in gt4,

a moment for geeking...

I acquired a new PS2 for Christmas, so all again is well. (literally played the old one into the ground. no amount of "fixing" could revive it). GT4 is on again after a 5+ month break.
Naturally, aggravation follows shortly. I've run through all the rallies in the last 2 days. All but 2, anyway. Whistler, at the Ice Arena, reverse, on hard, is giving me fits. F the 5 sec. impact rule right in the ass. Such bs. I really don't know what to use at this point. I've beaten everything else with a used '00 STi I picked up. It owns. But I can't adjust it to get sub 50 sec. laps, and thats what the damn Coralla is getting. I'm about to shell out the $750 large to buy the Corolla and see if I can even get those lap times in it. Anyone have any advice?

note: I very well may be just retarded and incapable of driving this course fast. Not sure. Please let me know what you've used to get past it. We may be discussing suspension settings shortly thereafter)
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