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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

A bed time story

Being a Miata owner, I get a kick out of cars that are fast because they're light. So when it came time to do the Suzuki K-car race, I decided to max out my little Cappucino.

I took it to the test track to tune it. I figured the car had a pretty good power to weight ratio, but when I got out on the big oval, it became clear that I was a bit outclassed by the competition the computer had decided to provide.

This 3000GT caught me on the first straight.

Right after this shot my speed got magically boosted from 130 to 150. It was at that moment, entering turn 1, that I discovered my downforce was sadly lacking. I got real loose and even though mister 3000GT got around me, I got it back under control.

Just in time for this FTO to give me a little nudge.

That sent me straight into the wall. I know, you're probably saying, "Jeez, you can't possibly suck that badly." Well, let's pretend for a minute that I don't. Of course downforce isn't the only factor in play here - I am able to have some measure of influence over what the car does through steering, throttle and braking.

Here's the thing though - those don't have much effect when you're flying.

(See that smug bastard in the FTO just zipping by? Fucker.)

So, at this point I'm just kind of along for the ride.

This is slightly more upsetting when other cars are approaching at 150+ mph.

Ok, dude in the TVR missed me. Dude in the white car missed me.

Yeah, dude in the gray car? Not so much.

What exactly is going on with the front of my car here? That doesn't look right.

I tried to wallride it out.

And then of course I did about ten 360s, like you do.

So, that was fun.
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