Ohmi (ohmisunao) wrote in gt4,

G25 + GT5

Decided to make this a new post since this forum is silent now..

I downloaded the demo for GT5 Prologue off of the Japanese PSN a while back. It's so awesome! But my GT Force Pro is broken!! :( It won't start up.. augh! So I decided to find out if the G25 Logitech wheel would work with it.. turns out it does!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g2YS5jA4m8 (ignore the lame intro)

The only disadvantage to the G25 is the fact that it doesn't have the PS3 PS button (big whoop) and it also doesn't have the on-the-fly tuning like the GT5 wheel (which is basically just an advanced version of the GT4 GTFP which a lot of us probably have already) The GT5 wheel does NOT have a clutch nor does it have a manual transmission style gear shifter like the G25 does. I think I may have to buy a G25 all things considered..
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