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Gran Turismo 4

The Real Driving Simulator

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This community is dedicated to Polyphony's Gran Turismo 4 racing simulator for the Playstation 2, and everything related, including Gran Turismo Prologue and all previous Gran Turismo titles including 1 through 3 and Concept. I will be posting information about GT4 and GTP as it comes to me or as I discover it.

This community will have other purposes as well. I encourage members to post not only game information, but also to post stories about adventures within the game and questions, tips, advice, screenshots, tuning setups, etc. But remember, please keep spoilers and spoiler material (for example, screenshots of hidden cars and tracks) within LJ cuts! No one likes having a surprise spoiled. :[

We're affiliated with the gt_drift community! If you're interested in drifting within the GT series, check them out.

The GT4 community is also proud to present the gt4_challenge community. If you want to strut your stuff and show us all how fast you really are, post your challenges and your times... prove it!

Regarding Image Posts:

Keep images behind LJ cuts! Thumbnails are fine in main posts, but anything bigger than about 200 pixels in any direction has to be kept behind a cut. Please make an effort to keep the pictures you post behind cuts down to a reasonable size as well. We like to keep things friendly for low-resolution monitors.

If you are actually interested in the real-life world of racing, there are a couple of good LJ communities that I'd like to take the time to recommend, because they've helped me out in the past. importracing is a good information, tuning and racing community. ljcarclub is a community but tends to focus more on domestics and is generally a far less technical community, but they are still a good, friendly bunch. autocrossers revolves, obviously, around autocrossing. Last but not least, gearheads is an excellent community for asking and answering questions about tuning and mechanical issues. Give them a look!

Happy racing!

The gt4 community is owned and moderated by zaarin. If you have any questions, comments or requests, please feel free to contact him.