LaMarr B. Montgomery (modena_kid) wrote in gt4,
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Uh.... The Fuck Just Happened???...

Is it possible to actually damage a game by playing it too much? Because my PS2 has stopped reading GT4.... it reads everything else BUT GT4... just my luck huh? And I haven't had another console to test to see if it's my PS2 or the game that's the problem.

The weird part is that I've had it since day one, I'm only 29% through the game, I'm the only one in this house who plays the game, and when it's not in the PS2 it's in it's case. I've had GT3 since the day it came out and it still reads that so I wonder what's the deal here.

I've been having DVD-ROM issues with both my PS2 AND my Xbox lately because my PS2 has slow load times here and there... but my Xbox will stop reading the disc after about an hour of play. Anybody know any sites where I can order some replacement parts???.... Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. (reaches for burn ointment)
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